GD’s One of a Kind and BTS’s O!RUL8,2? Crazykpop unboxing


Hey guys, been a while! Yes, it’s true, i got more albums! (i also got bts’s new album ITMFL 3 bother versions with my friend though i dont know what website she ordered them from… and i also have Monsta X’s new album who should arrive soon!) Also as you can see i took those photos in three different locations…

So here we are again… This time i ordered two at the same time, becaue why not! ONce again i was not disapointed with CrazyKpop’s service! Both albums were super well wrapped and got here in perfect contition.

Isn’t BTS’s poster great? it came with the album. Honestly This era is one of my favorite. N.O. was my favortie song for sooooo long! (The house of cards came along.. and Dope… and Run… you get the picture) anyways BTS really is a group that will forever hold a special place in my heart! I also got a Suga photocard with the album 🙂 NOt Rap Mon but i won’t complain!

As much as BTS is special to me… they really cant compare to BigBang. They were the first group i ever listened to and i really have a special connection to them :3 i love them soooo much! So naturally i had to get One of a Kind! Of course for photo i got GD … would have been weird if i hadnt… hahah Also, when you guy from them you cannot choose wether you get the Gold or the Bronze version. It is randomly chosen, though i would think (i need to ask) that if you  buy two One of a Kind at the same time they might give you both versions… or if you bought from them one version maybe they will give you the other one after… But really it just means you get a surprise 🙂 since both versions are beautiful!


As always i want to thank CrazyKpop for the great prices and fast shipping times! (really they say 2-4 weeks but it gets there way before 4 weeks) mine take generally 2 big or 3 small weeks which is really nice!! I definitelly recomend you guys buy from them :3 and those 2 albums are definite must have to any fans!

Here are link to the albums on CrazyKpop:

One of a Kind: (x) you can buy it for only $13.90

O!RUL8,2? : (x)  for only $10.10

Have a great day, Enjoy~



CrazyKpop’s Nu’est I’m Bad Single Album Unboxing

So I finally ordered from CrazyKpop 🙂

Just over two weeks ago I finally bought an album from CrazyKpop which was Nu’est ‘s Special Single Album – I’m Bad (limited edition) it was the one they released for their three year anniversary since debut! I really love them so I am so happy to now own one of their albums!

CrazyKpop as always has exceeded my expectations in service quality and shipping time! They are a super friendly team who is simply the best! The package and album both arrived in perfect condition and the freebies are a plus 🙂 a lot of extra photocards which is awsome as well as beauty product samples.

In the album i got the Aron photocard in the Album which was nice 🙂 He may not be my bias but i like all the members in Nu’est 🙂

I had asked CrazyKpop to do a packing video for my order, which they kindly did! Showing exactly how they pack their boxes so perfectly! You can find it here: (x)

This particular album is rather inexpensive so really if you want it, you should go for it! Here is the link to it on CrazyKpop’s site : (x) it is only $6.40 so go for it!

I will most definitely be buying from them and reviewing it so please expect more posts like this one 🙂


(I actually received it friday, so 5 days ago… but iÈm only posting this now… oups! hahah I was so happy when i got it hahah, i wasn’t expecting it so soon!)


EXO Gaxaly Baseball Caps

exo hats

Caps caps and more caps :3

You can find those really pretty EXO caps here on Harajuku fashion: (x)

Material: Cotton
Circumference size: 55-60cm (adjustable)

You can buy it for $19.70, by putting the promo code “sakura” once at checkout, it will give you 10% off your entire order! The hat comes in four different color choices which are grey, purple, red, and blue! Pick your favorite and wear it with pride 🙂


Cute Totoro Ceramic Mug with Spoon and Lid

Any Totoro fans here? I personally loved it and i find this mug simply too adorable!

You can find it here on Harajuku Fashion: (x)

Capacity: 401mL (including) -500mL (inclusive)
Material: Ceramic
Comes in four different styles as you can see in the picture!

You can buy your own for $23.70, and of course by entering the promo code “sakura” at checkout you can get 10% off your entire order!


PS: i just ordered Nu’est’s Special Single Album I’m Bad from Crazykpop you can can expect a review for this soon! I can’t wait to receive it!

Cute Kitten Pattern Hooded Sweater


hey guys! Once again, it has been a while.

Anyways i have found this wonderfully cute and comfy sweater. The hood is all velvety~~ all you need for a cold winter day!

You can find this sweater here on Harajuku Fashion: (x)

Fabric material: Cotton
L:Bust:98cm,Length:62cm Sleeve:67cm,Hem:96cm,



You can buy it for only $32.70, as always by using promo code “sakura” once at checkout you get a bonus 10% off your entire purchase. Enjoy and have a wonderful day guys~

CrazyKpop Error Album Giveaway unpacking

20151105_170329 20151105_170203 20151105_170903 20151105_170455 20151105_170706 20151105_170833 20151105_170429

So guys, i won their Error album giveaway! I am surprised at home quickly it got here. Around 15 days which from Korea to Canada is a very short amount of time. I received it today! i was so excited to open it! It is currently playing right now!

I got, as you can see, the Ravi mini-photobook as well as the Ken photocard. Plus 10 or so extra photocards that mostly are N since i mentioned he was my bias in VIXX!

So as some of you may know i really like CrazyKpop and this time has not disappointed me. As always they were all super nice and once i mentioned i was learning Korean to go to a Korean university they added those Hangul stickers :3 thank you so much!!! I love how many extra photocards they gave me and they do that for every order, so guys it is really worth buying from them. They have good prices and the shipping is quick! They also add freebies to every order!

To buy VIXX Error album click here: (x)… There is a reason why they are my favorite kpop album website. They are extremely nice and they sell the albums for a really reasonable price!

Please do visit their website (they often have giveaways) here: (x)

Winner Debut Album Limited Edition


Sp guys, sorry more CrazyKpop… but those posts take less time to make than the clothes posts so yeah… when i have less time i like to do CrazyKpop posts.

So anyways, who here is a Winner fan? because right now CrazyKpop is having a reduced price, it was originally $32.30 and has been reduced to $28.30 . Also another amazing point about this album ( i swear i just love Winner) is the free shipping! Yay!

You can buy either the white or black version of the album. Remember guys, it is the limited edition of 2014 S/S Winner Debut Album! So it is worth it!

You can find it here on CrazyKpop: (x)

There are 10 tracks in the album which are




4.걔 세


6.고백하는 거야



9.이 밤

10.Smile Again

Go YG! they really have a talent for finding good singers!

Hurry up, only 30 albums are left!


You can also buy the launching edition of this album for $15.10 here on CrazyKpop: (x)